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High intensity Focus UltraSound

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What is HIFU? 

Cutting edge ultrasound technology for lifting and tightening saggy skin.

Q Does it interfere with everyday life?
Because it is applied to the deep layer of the skin without damaging the surface of the skin, daily life such as make-up and washing after the procedure is possible.

Q Is it painful?
Temporarily, there may be a feeling of throbbing or stiffness in the deeper layer of the skin, but some people do not need anesthesia because the pain is not strong.

Q Is it expensive?
The affordable price of the equipment and consumables makes it cheaper than existing lifting devices.

Q When will I see the results?
The effect may start showing as soon as the same day as the procedure, and for the next two weeks you may experience a pulling and tightening sensation, which means that collagen is regenerating and you will see a lifting effect after 1-3 months

Q How long does the procedure take?
Ultrasonic energy output speed is fast and the operation time is 15 ~ 20 minutes.

Q Is one session enough?
Since the aging of the skin continues after the procedure, we recommend that you periodically perform the procedure for maintenance.

Q After the treatment, will my cheeks look too sunken?
If you do not have a lot of fat on your face, you do not have to worry about adjusting your strength and practicing it at the right level.

Q I have a fat transplant. Can I still get the treatment done?
Since it takes 3 ~ 6 months for the transplanted fat to engraft, it is recommended to wait before the treatment.

Q Can I get the treatment after plastic surgery?
It is recommended that you let the skin heal after such treatments, as facial contour, for at least 3 months.

Q Is the effect better with higher number of shots?
The higher the number of shots, the bigger the effect, but since each individual has a different degree of sagging, and sagginess has a combination of causes.

Q I have recently been injected with fillers. Can I still get the treatment?
We recommend waiting at least one month after filler injections.

Q Is it suitable for sensitive skin?
Skin may become a little red on the day of the procedure, but because it is applied to deep layers of the skin, the discomfort is tolerable if you take it at the appropriate settings.

Q When should I get the next treatment?
Depending on the intensity of the procedure and the condition of your skin after 6 months after the first treatment, it may help to maintain good skin if you are treated periodically once every 6 months to once a year.

How is it done? 



A gel is applied on your face and neck, and a ultrasound probe delivers the energy directly over your face to the desired layer. You will feel a tingling sensation intermittently.

What are side effects of HIFU?

This is essentially a treatment with zero to minimal downtime. In some cases, you may see some redness that disappears over hours. In rare cases, wheals may form but this is also transient.


How does HIFU work?

HIFU – high intensity focused ultrasound delivered onto the SMAS layer to lift, firm and tighten.

Collagen stimulation and growth over the next 3 to  months for increased efficacy.

What is the Treatment interval?

2 sessions a year for optimum results.

How does HIFU feel?

During treatment, some patients do feel the discomfort, some patients describe a β€˜sharp’ sensation, as if little hot toothpicks are pricking them. Your physician will customise a programme to reduce this pain sensation.

What are the results of HIFU? 

  1. Softening of the jawline, nasolabial fold, double chin.
  2. Lifting of midface and eyebrow.
  3. Tightening and firming of face.



  1. understand YOUR skin health and COMMIT to a consistent skincare regime in order to enhance and maintain results
  2. The procedure delivers focused ultrasound energy at precise depths and temperatures to initiate neocollagenesis, without disrupting the surface of the skin. This energy jump-starts the new collagen building process. (4.5mm to the SMAS/platysma, 3mm to the deep dermis and 1.5mm to the superficial dermis)
  3. In some cases, we can combine HIFU with RF and you get even better results. Of course results are better when your skin has a lot of healthy collagen and elastin






Plasma LASER for Eyes

What can PLASMA Laser help with?

1- Eyelid tightening

2- Eyebrow lifting

3- Softening of wrinkles around the eye


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