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Temple volume loss is common in women. 3 key take home messages.

  1. Ageing causes temple wasting.
  2. Vigorous aerobic exercises exacerbates this.
  3. Temple fillers help to lift the face and project the corner of the eyebrows.



Lip fillers serve 3 purposes, shape, volume and projection. Asians tend to lack full lips, so the Angelina Jolie and Shu Qi type lips are a rarity.  Curvier lips, with good volume and projection can give the illusion of youth and vitality. 
Areas to focus on in Asians include the cupid’s bow, the lip projection and harmonising with the nose tip and chin.  
Lip fillers do not change the shape of your lips, they enhance, project and define. 

Beautiful, well balanced, natural, Asian lips

imageslip filler

What is an attractive pair of lips? 

For an attractive lip, the upper lip should project around 2mm further than the lower lip.


  1. Lip fillers can be used to add volume, definition and character to a face.
  2. Asian lips and the concept of asian beauty differs with caucasians.
  3. Every face is unique and will respond differently.

Some people don’t mind if their lips are swollen and obviously ‘done’. Others prefer a natural look. As the area around the lips are highly vascular, you may see bruises from the injection, although this risk is reduced in experienced hands.  


Post lip filler aftercare principles: 

  1. Aftercare is important.
  2. Ice after the injection, 5x a day, 5min each time, for 5 days or more after the injection to decrease swelling.
  3. I also recommend arnica as studies show they improve healing and recovery post injection.



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