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KOREAN Threadlift ULTRA-V-LIFT    ç“œå­è„¸

Dr Daniel Chang’s 3 Step formula to your Signature DIAMOND 4D FACELIFT

STEP 1: 4D FACELIFT |  PDO Threadlift + Anti wrinkle Treatment { Jaw slim vs Dermalift } + DERMAL Fillers 

STEP 2: MAINTAINENCE | Energy based devices ( collagen stimulation) + Skinboosters ( hydration) + Rejuran

STEP 3: LIFESTYLE | Antiageing creams, sun protection and hydration

What is the secret to your 4D Facelift?

4D Facelift refers to the EXPERT use of Fillers, Botulinum treatment and Threadlift at 4 KEY areas of your face to create a UNIQUE Diamond Lift. As every face is different, treatment is individualised. 



In my experience, there are busy professionals who want treatment without downtime. Hence, I have designed the Lifestyle Lift to cater to this audience. This is a combination of non invasive treatments with minimal to no downtime. The secret is to FILL – LIFT – MAINTAIN. 

  1. FILL 
  2. LIFT
  3. Maintain


What is the secret to a Korean V-FACE? Diamond Facelift?

It is as easy as 1,2,3 for your unique non surgical facelift.

  1. Chin and cheek fillers to enhance your facial 3D projection
  2. Microinjections of Botulinum toxin – To slim your jaw muscles, firm and tighten your skin
  3. Threadlift to lift and anchor your saggy tissue in a unique V shaped Vector.


What is the key to looking youthful? Having a non surgical Facelift?

The key to a non surgical facelift is to reposition, re-volumise and restore lost tissue. By firming, lifting and tightening skin with threadlift. Followed by adding volume where it has been lost with fillers. Finally, holding tissue together, we can achieve a FACELIFT. It all starts from the top, so we fill from top down. And incorporate PDO threadlift in a special vector technique.
When we were younger, we had an inverted triangle face shape. As we age, our midface sags the most, resulting in the formation of jowls, and changing our face shape into a square. So the key here is to lift, while maintaining a natural, youthful you.
Square jaw reduction – Dr Daniel Chang

Jaw reduction / slimming

How does jaw slimming/ jaw reduction work? | 4D FACELIFT

Muscle relaxant is injected in tiny amounts to shrink your bulky chewing muscles. A squarish jaw line can be treated with DYSPORT, BOTOX® to shrink your chewing muscles  (masseters) and create a slimmer v- jawline.

Who is suitable for jaw slimming / reduction? | 4D FACELIFT

Anyone with bulky jaw muscles.

What are the benefits of treatment? | 4D FACELIFT

  1. Reduces night grinding / bruxism
  2. Slims your jawline
  3. A more contoured, sharper look


jaw botox

jaw botox

jaw slimming

jaw slimming


V line

Signature D.C -Dream-lift – Diamond 4D FaceLift

What is the science behind it?

  1. Collagen contraction
  2. Collagen remodelling
  3. Collagen stimulation (new)

The DC-Dream-Lift is Dr Daniel Chang’s signature technique, combining a popular non surgical facelift treatment originating from Seoul, South Korea, termed the Dermalift, the 8 Point Lift from South America, PDO threads from Korea and Skinboosters from Taiwan.


Step 1: DC Dreamlift | Diamond 4D FACELift: V-lift with PDO Threadlift+ Fillers + Botulinum treatment

How does it work? | 4D FACELIFT

This works on the 3 key layers of the skin.

  1. Botulinum toxin -Dermalift technique in the Dermis layer and botox directly into the muscles
  2. PDO Threadlift – supra SMAS layer to lift overlying facial tissue
  3. Fillers – Deep Soft tissue layer

I will explain the 3 treatments in detail below.



How do PDO Threadlifts work?

Via an immediate lifting and progressive tightening.

  1. Support: An immediate lift through repositioning and anchoring soft tissue
  2. Biostimulation: Regenerative action with collagen stimulation for progressive volumisation and natural firming and tightening over 3 to 6 months.

What are PDO Threadlifts| PLLA Threadlifts made of?

They are made of 100% absorbable and bio-compatible material, similar to those used in surgery. 2 common materials exist.

  1. PDO Threadlift: Polydioxanone material is commonly used as a surgical suture, and tends to last on average 6 months. These are the basic Korean threads, though differ brands differ in terms of design (monos, barbs, cogs, multi etc).
  2. PLLA : Poly-L-Lactic Acid material are also used as surgical sutures, and have greater longevity than PDO, averaging 12 months. Hence they can potentially stimulate collagen for a longer duration. Once dissolved, the material breaks down into glucose, carbon dioxide and water.

埋线/ Threadlift / V-lift / 瓜子脸

Where can PDO threadlifts be used to lift?

  1. Jawline area
  2. Midface, cheek, laugh lines
  3. Eyebrows
  4. Neck

埋线/Ultra-V-Lift – PDO Threadlift full-face

How is PDO Threadlift done?

  1. No surgery.
  2. No cutting.
  3. No stitching.

There is no cutting, stitching involved. Based on individualised facial vectoring, absorbable ultra-fine threads are placed under the skin with minimal downtime.

Who is suitable for PDO threadlift?

Patients with mild to mild-moderate saggy skin with reasonable expectations.



PDO threadlift vs silhouette soft


how PDO threadlift work



how PDO threadlift work


3D Ultra V Lift – PDO Threadlift

What to expect with PDO threadlift? 


Immediate: Your skin is immediately lifted as the threads lift soft tissue to its new position. You may look and feel slightly tighter than the final result.

1 week later: You will start to look and feel more natural.

3 months: Skin rejuvenation peaks. You will notice improved skin texture, smoother and firmer skin.

6 months: PDO threads would have dissolved, but the results still persists for many more months.

Recommendation : I recommend LIGHT touchups 6 months after the initial treatment, to allow for a long lasting result of up to 2 years.


What are the risks with PDO threadlifts? 

Depending on your skin quality and thickness, there may be temporary swelling, bruise and skin changes (puckering, visibility, bump). All these resolve with time.

RISKS from Thread Lift
Minor Moderate Rare
Temporary soreness, especially when opening mouth wide Prolonged skin dimpling Infection
Temporary swelling Skin irregularities Nodule formation
Temporary bruising Thread displacement Nerve injury
Temporary skin dimpling Prolonged aching Salivary gland injury

bruising post PDO  Threadlift


PDO Threadlift – Example of skin dimple

Case study from American Society of Plastic Surgery

Are THE NEW threads,  PCL, PLLA threads better than PDO threads?

Here are the facts. 

  1. PCL (Polycaprolactone) thread tends to dissolve after 24 months
  2. PLLA (Poly L Lactic Acid) thread tends to dissolve after 12 months
  3. PDO (Polydioxanone) thread tends to dissolve after 6 months

In theory, longevity sounds like a good thing, but this has a minus on the safety and efficacy profile.

Side effects tend to persist longer with PCL and PLLA threads, examples include skin irregularities like dimples, bumps. In addition, studies on efficacy are still limited. Claims of results lasting more than 2- 3 years are unsubstantiated.

Hence, in my opinion, it is best to stick with PDO threads until stronger studies are available.


What is Botulinum toxin / botox/ dysport?  

Botulinum solution is a clear fluid that relaxes the facial muscles that cause wrinkles. It is utilized to soften forehead and frown lines, even brow lines, lines on the nose, smile lines (crow’s feet) around the eye. It can likewise lift the eyebrows. It can be utilized as a part of the lower face by a specialist injector to lift the edges of the mouth, smooth chin dimpling, lessen lines around the mouth and as a dermalift procedure to tighten and lift saggy skin.

What is Dermalift? 

Dermalift involves injecting botulinum protein into the superficial layers of the skin, which utilises a refined, micro technique that demonstrates facial firming, slimming and lifting. Using careful vectoring, instead of relaxing the area, it achieves skin tightening and contraction.

1) Stimulates and re-orders the fibroblasts of your skin cells to bind more elastin and collagen, hence creating an instant firming, tightening and slimming effect

2) It also has a collagen stimulating effect, hence a sustained firming result over time.


A specially diluted microtoxin technique to tighten your skin.

What are the results of Dermalift?

  1. Slimming of your face
  2. Firming of your skin


How do Fillers help in lifting? 

 Fillers at key positions can help to lift, restore, anchor and support your saggy skin. This restores your original facial tissue position. Overall result is a lifted, tighter face.

Where can fillers restore volume in an ageing face?

  1. Temples
  2. Cheeks
  3. Laugh lines
  4. Pre-auricular groove
  5. Chin and marionette lines

Feelfree to refer to my Filler page for further information.

Soft tissue volume in face - Dermal Fillers

Dermal Fillers


Korean aesthetics




Saggy skin is a problem that affects us once we hit our 30s. Along with it, we see deepened lines. Known as laugh lines these arise from the corner of the nose downwards. Our jawline becomes less sharp, and jowls start to appear. Hence, we start looking for facelift options, one of which is threadlift. Thread lifts are the rage these days, but before you jump on the bandwagon and literally attend a threadlift party, here are some important considerations.

I will classify threads into 3 main categories.

  1. Biostimulation
  2. Support threads
  3. Suspension threads

PDO threads

These are essentially threads for biostimulation, meaning collagen production with slight holding power due to its cogs, barbs, hooks etc… The threads are absorbable, and they induce an inflammatory reaction that drives collagen growth. PDOs with multi-directional barbs can be arranged to create a dermal SMAS meshwork to provide support.
images cog

cog threads

Suspension and contour threads

Such threads have an anchor point, and are considered suspension threads as they anchor onto the SMAS layer, hence providing a stronger hold. They can also produce a contour effect through skin traction and holding the tissue in place with barbs. It is important to use FDA, HSA approved threads.
threads 3

threadlift vectors

How do Suspension threads work?

  1. An immediate lift through repositioning soft tissue
  2. Regenerative action with collagen stimulation for progressive and natural results

threadlift technique

What can I expect? 

  1. Local anaesthesia is carefully injected into the entry and exit sites.
  2. The threads are gently passed under the skin to induce the lift.
  3. Whole procedure takes 30mins.
  4. One can expect mild bruising and swelling which will resolve on its own.

Which areas can be improved? 

  1. Midface
  2. Jawline
  3. Laugh lines and marionette lines
  4. Neck

How lasting are the results? 

One can expect 1.5 years, with maintainence treatment in the interim. A surgical facelift involves dissection and the repositioning of the SMAS. This is the gold standard for facelift. FACELIFT 






threadlift silhouette soft

Silhouette Soft is a cutting edge treatment with a double lifting and collagenesis (generating collagen) effect.

How does it work?

One treatment, dual actions.

  1. A lift action for an immediate and instant effect
  2. A regenerative action for gradual and natural results: Stimulates growth of new collagen to give more definition to your feature and maintaining volume over time.

Why is it special? 

  1. Immediate natural lift effect
  2. Progressive growth of new collagen and restoration of lost collagen
  3. Entirely re-absorbable component (poly-L-Lactic acid)
  4. 30 minute procedure with no incisions, results lasting up to 18 months
  5. Tailor-made treatment for SAGGINESS of various areas: jawline, neck, cheek area and eyebrow.

Post Treatment Recommendations (Threadlift)

 After the treatment, a slight swelling or bruising may occur. Sometimes, a slight skin depression or skin irregularity may appear at the entry points. These disappear a week after treatment.

The doctor will prescribe an antibiotic cream to apply on the entry and exit points of the sutures twice a day (in the morning and in the evening, during 5 days):

  1. Apply cold packs immediately after the procedure if required (Cold packs should be wrapped to avoid direct contact with skin and insertion point)
  2. Take analgesia e.g. paracetamol in case of pain (2-3 days)
  3. Refrain from applying make-up for as long as possible (minimum 24 hours)
  4. Sleep face up, in an elevated position on pillows (3-5 nights)
  5. Wash, shave and dry face gently without rubbing or massaging (5 days)
  6. Avoid excessive face and neck movements (2 weeks)
  7. Avoid over-exposure to direct sunlight and do not use tanning beds (2 weeks)
  8. Avoid sports, in particular high impact sports e.g. running (2 weeks)
  9. Do not use saunas or hammams (3 weeks)
  10. Avoid dental surgery (3 weeks)
  11. Avoid face and neck massages and face and neck aesthetic treatments (4 weeks)

Take home message:

Social and professional life can be resumed quickly!

Combination therapy, together with fillers, microbotox and energy based devices would be the way to go to produce a safe, efficient and effective non surgical facelift.











Part 2 Maintainence -FACELIFT

– With Energy based devices (HIFU, Thermage, Ulthera, Exilis) and skinboosters to lock in the moisture.

The end result is an instant tightening and facelifting effect, which gets better over the next 3 months.

How does EXILIS work? – Non-surgical Facelift

  • RF warm tightening
    EXILIS treatment | 4d facelift








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