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Blood classification Diet Chart – Blood Type O

Qualities of Type O

Best on High Protein Diet

1. Thrive on serious physical exercise and meat protein.

2. Do not do well with dairy and grains.

3. Hardy stomach related tract

4. Gluten leads to weight gain.

5. Type O tend to have low levels of thyroid hormone which cause metabolic issues and weight pick up.

6. Type O have high stomach acid, and can process meat effectively.

Blood Type O

Protein Beef, sheep, lamb, veal, venison (The more distressing your employment or workouts, the higher the quality of protein you ought to eat)

Cod, herring, mackerel Any meat with the exception of those recorded as not permitted (Type Os can productively process and use meats)

Any fish or fish with the exception of those recorded as not permitted (Cold-water fish are phenomenal for Type Os. Numerous seafoods are likewise incredible wellsprings of iodine, which manages the thyroid function.) Bacon, Ham, Goose, Pork

Dairy Butter, rancher, feta, mozzarella, goat cheddar, soy drain (Type Os need to seriously limit the utilization of dairy items and eggs) All other dairy items and yogurts

Blood Type O

Fat Olive oil, flaxseed oil Canola oil, sesame oil (Type Os react well to oils) Corn oil, shelled nut oil, cottonseed oil, safflower oil

Nuts Pumpkin seeds, walnuts All sorts aside from those recorded as not permitted (These sustenances ought to not the slightest bit replace high-protein meats, and they are high in fat particularly in the event that you are overweight.) Brazil, cashew, shelled nut, pistachios, poppy seeds

Beans Aduke beans, Azuki beans, Pinto beans, Black-peered toward peas All sorts aside from those recorded as not allowed Beans – copper, kidney, naval force, tamarine. Lentils – household, green, red. (Sort Os don’t use beans especially well. They tend to make muscle tissue somewhat less acidic and repress the digestion of different supplements.)

Grains Essene bread, Ezekiel bread Amaranth, grain, buckwheat, rice, kamut, kasha, millet, rye, spelt Corn, gluten, graham, wheat (bulgur, durum, grew, white and entire, germ and grain) farina, oat, seven-grains, or any items, for example, flour, bread and noodles made with these grain items (Type Os don’t endure entire wheat items by any stretch of the imagination.)

Vegetables Kale, collard greens, romaine lettuce, broccoli, spinach (These vegetables help blood cluster, Type Os do not have a few thickening fractors and need vitamin K to aid the procedure)

Blood Type O

Artichoke, chicory, dandelion, garlic, horseradish, kale, okra, onions, parsley, parsnips, red peppers, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, ocean growth, turnips Tomatoes (This organic product agglutinate all blood classifications however Type Os.)

Assorted types aside from those recorded as not allowed Brassica family: cabbage, Brussels grows, cauliflower, mustard greens (These vegetables restrain the thyroid capacity for Type Os)

Horse feed grows, shiitake mushrooms, matured olives (These vegetables chafe the stomach related tract and the high shape tally can irritate Type O extreme touchiness issues.)

Nightshades: eggplant, potatoes (These vegetables can bring about joint conditions in Type Os)

Corn (This vegetable influence the generation of insulin, regularly prompt weight and diabetes for the Type Os.)

Fruits Plums, prunes, figs (Dark red, blue and purple organic products tend to bring about a soluble response the stomach related tract, and hence adjust the high acridity of the Type Os stomach related tract to diminish ulcers and aggravations of the stomach lining.) Grapefruit, generally berries

Blood Type O

Assorted types with the exception of those recorded as not permitted (Fruits are not just an imperative wellspring of fiber, minerals and vitamins, however they can be an amazing contrasting option to bread and pasta for Type Os) Melons, melon, honeydew (These organic products contain high form numbers which can bother Type Os extreme touchiness issues (sensitivities))

Oranges, tangerines and strawberries, blackberries, Rhubarb (These organic products are high in corrosive substance which may chafe the acidic stomach of Type Os)

Coconut and coconut-containing items (Type Os are to a great degree delicate to this natural product.)

Spices Kelp-based seasonings, iodized salt (Rich wellspring of Iodine to direct the thyroid organ)

Parsley, curry, cayenne pepper (Soothing to the stomach related tracts of Type Os) White and dark pepper, vinegar, escapades, cinnamon, cornstarch, corn syrup, nutmeg, vanilla (Irritants to the Type O stomach)



Blood classification Diet Chart – Blood Type A

Qualities of Type A

Best on Vegetarian Diet

Meats and Poultry Chicken, cornish hens, turkey Beef, pork, sheep, veal, venison, duck, goose (Type As ought to dispose of all meats from their eating routine.)

Seafood Carp, cod, grouper, mackerel, monkfish, pickerel, red snapper, rainbow trout, salmon, sardine, ocean trout, silver roost, snail, whitefish, yellow perch All sorts with the exception of those recorded as not allowed Anchovy, barracuda, beluga, bluefish, bluegill bass, catfish, caviar, shellfish, conch, crab, crawfish, eel, struggle, frog, dark sole, haddock, hake, halibut, herring, lobster, lox, mussels, octopus, clams, scallop, shad, shrimp, sole, squid, striped bass, tilefish, turtle

Dairy Yogurt, mozzarella, feta, goat cheddar, goat drain, kefir, ricotta, string cheese All different cheeses and drain (Most dairy items are not edible for Type As)

Fats Flaxseed oil, Olive oil

Canola oil, cod liver oil Oil of corn, cottonseed, shelled nut, safflower and sesame

Nuts Peanuts, pumpkin seeds All sorts aside from those recorded as not allowed Brazil nuts, cashews, pistachios

Blood Type A

Beans Beans (aduke, azuki, dark, green, pinto, red soy), lentils and dark peered toward peas (Type As blossom with the vegetable proteins found in beans and legumes) All sorts aside from those recorded as not allowed Beans – copper, garbanzo, kidney, lima, naval force, red, tamarind (These beans can bring about a decline in insulin generation for Type As.)

Grains Amaranth, buckwheat (Type As by and large do well on oats and grains. Select the more thought entire grains rather than moment and prepared cereals.) Cream of wheat, familia, farina, granola, grape nuts, wheat germ, seven grain, destroyed wheat, wheat grain, durum wheat

Bread and Noodles Bread (essene, Ezekiel, soya flour, grew wheat), rice cakes, flour (oat, rice, rye), soba noodles, pasta (artichoke) (Type As have an awesome determination and decisions in grains and pastas) All sorts aside from those recorded as not allowed English biscuits, bread (high-protein entire wheat, multi-grain), matzos, pumpernickel, wheat grain biscuits, flour (white, entire wheat), pasta (semolina, spinach)

Vegetables Garlic, onions, broccoli, carrots, collard greens, kale, pumpkin, spinach (These vegetables upgrade the invulnerable arrangement of Type As)

Blood Type A

Artichoke, chicory, greens (dandelion, swiss chard), horseradish, leek, romaine, okra, parsley, hay grows, tempeh, tofu, turnip (Vegetables are essential to the Type An eating routine, giving minerals, catalysts and cell reinforcements. Eat vegetables in as normal a state as could be expected under the circumstances (crude or steamed) to safeguard their full benefits) All sorts with the exception of those recorded as not allowed Peppers, olives, potatoes, sweet potatoes, yams, a wide range of cabbage, tomatoes, Lima beans, eggplant, mushroom (Type As are exceptionally delicate to these vegetables. They have a solid injurious impact on the Type A stomach related tract.)

Fruits Berries (blackberries, blueberries, boysenberries, cranberries), plums, prunes, figs (Most natural products are considered Type As, in spite of the fact that attempt to underscore more basic organic products can adjust the grains that are corrosive shaping in Type As muscle tissues)

Pineapples, fruits, apricots (The stomach related chemical in this natural product is a magnificent stomach related guide for Type As)

Grapefruit, Lemon (These natural products display soluble inclinations after processing which has a beneficial outcomes on the Type A stomach) All sorts aside from those recorded as not allowed Melons, melon, honeydew (High form numbers of these organic products make it hard for Type As to process)

Mangoes, papaya, bananas, coconuts (Type As don’t do well on these natural products)

Blood Type A

Orange, rhubarb, tangerines (These natural products are stomach aggravation for Type As, and they likewise meddle with the retention of minerals.)

Spices Tamari, miso, soysauce, garlic, ginger (The correct mix of flavors can be intense safe framework sponsors for Type As)

Blackstrap molasses (Good wellspring of iron, a mineral that is deficient in the Type A Diet) Vinegar, pepper (dark, cayenne, white), escapades, plain gelatin, wintergreen (Avoid these in light of the fact that the acids tend to bring about stomach lining bothering)

Condiments Ketchup, mayonnaise, pickles, savor, worcestershire sauce (These items ought to be kept away from in light of the fact that Type As have low levels of stomach corrosive)

Beverages Hawthorn, aloe, hay, burdock, echinacea, green tea, red wine (1 glass/day) (These drinks help to enhance the insusceptible frameworks for Type As)

Ginger, elusive elm, espresso (1 mug/day) (These refreshments help Type As to build their stomach-corrosive secretions) Beer, refined alcohol, seltzer water, pop, dark tea (These sometimes fall short for the stomach related arrangement of Type As, nor do they bolster the safe framework)

Blood classification Diet Chart – Blood Type B

Qualities of Type B

Best on Balanced Omnivores Diet

Meat and Poultry Lamb, sheep, venison, rabbit (These meats help to support the safe system) Beef, fowl, turkey, veal (Give up chicken, yet utilize these meats instead) Chicken, cornish hens, duck, goose, partridge, quail, pork (These meats contains a Type B blood agglutinating lectin)

Seafood Cod, salmon, flop, halibut, sole, trout (Deep-sea fish and white fish are awesome for Type B


Type O High Protein:
Meat eaters
kidney beans
navy beans
Brussels sprouts
mustard greens
red meat
Type A Vegetarian  




kidney beans
lima beans
Vegetable oil
soy foods
Type B Balanced omnivore  



Meat (no chicken)

Type AB Mixed diet in moderation  





  Red meat
kidney beans
lima beans

Body sculpting

Disclaimer: Dr Daniel Chang advocates judicious use of energy based devices to reduce fat. He recommends lifestyle, diet change and exercise as the bedrock of your programme. This article is merely for educational purposes.

So in August, I had travelled to London, Phnom Penh and Taipei. For a mix of pleasure, and connecting with people. Gotta thank my lucky stars for meeting a group of like minded people. It was absolutely lovely…

Speaking of which, I actually bought a suitcase load of Chun Cui milk tea frm Taipei the day b4 the news of the recall from AVA lol. So if anyone wants some freshly airflown Chun Cui milk tea, feelfree to pm me. Fastest fingers first, but purely at your own risk lol.

So today, I will discuss the key to achieving the hourglass figure.

Ultimate hourglass figure. 
Indication for weight management programme
•       WHO classification
•       BMI > 25
•       Note in Asians, we can start earlier.

First, one must understand our body shape.

Body shape

 Next, a good diet. So which diet is best?  — Studies have compared different diets, including:
•       Very-low-carbohydrate (Atkins™)
•       Reduced-calorie (Weight Watchers®)
•       Mediterranean Diet ( Olive oil, little red meat)
  I think its impt to enjoy what u eat! We are so blessed to be in Singapore, a food paradise. 
Golden Principle is this.
Your energy Output > Energy Input

Here is my magic 3 step formula.

  1. •       Eat healthy. Eliminate snacking
  2. •       Burn those excess calories with high intensity Crossfit
  3. •       Special. Treatments- Oral supplements. Phentamine. FAT REDUCTION
•         Wake up: Start day with warm water and 2 freshly squeeze lemon
Breakfast POWER smoothie: Banana. Low fat soya-milk.
Organic Green tea
Protein: One fistful serving of meat (chicken breast or fish) per day
Carbs: 1 slice of wholemeal bread, and 1/4 cup of cooked brown rice a day OR nil carbs
Fats: Good fats in moderation. Think nuts (e.g. olive oil and avocado)
Dairy: 1 cup of 2% plain Greek yogurt, SUGARFREE per day Vegetables: Unlimited low-glycemic vegetables
Snacks: Hummus, pickles, a couple handfuls of nuts
Veget is good. Keeps u full. Helps burn fat.  Mushrooms. Onions. Green leafy. Broccoli. Celery.
• Take probiotic/ multivits
• Take a detox bath every night (soak with 2 cups Epsom salt & 1 cup baking soda)
•        Here are the things to skip while on the plan:

• No wheat (except 1/2 cup brown rice)
• No artificial sweeteners (this includes all diet soda)
• No white sugar/ alcohol/caffeine (only green tea)
• No dairy (except Greek yogurt)
• No additional exercise
• No meals between 8 p.m. to 8 a.m.

2- BURN:



High intensity crossfit is what I recommend. And that means Tabata. Incidentally I do this daily.    TABATA
•         20 seconds on- 10 seconds off- Repeat 8 cycles
•         Skipping 2) Pushups 3) Squats
•         Run-  Sprint. Jog x 8 cycles x 3 sets
•         Rowing machine. Same regimen.






How does this work? 


What to expect? 

Redness, minor swelling and bruising that resolves in a week.



Body fat reduction – immediately after


exilis body





A. Medication:
•       Orlistat  — Orlistat (Xenical® 120 mg capsules) Fat blocker. FDA approved for long term use.
•       Phentamine – It works by stimulating the hypothalamus gland and affecting certain neurotransmitters to decrease appetite. FDA approved for short term use 3 mths. Note side effects. Xerostomia, rapid heartrate, insomnia.
 B. Fat freezing
To remove unwanted fat non surgically, zero downtime, through freezing. Common side effects include skin redness, bruising and muscle aches.

Here’s how it works.


 C.  Personally, I do not recommend liposuction.
 Indications for fat freezing.
  1. Abdomen
  2. Inner Thighs
  3. Double Chin
  4. Flanks
  5. Outer thighs

Ultimate, the bedrock of this programme is lifestyle. Healthy lifestyle and diet will be instrumental to helping you achieve your goals. So I hope the above has been useful. Here’s to a trimmer, fitter and healthier you! *High five*


Masterclass TRAINER | Kickass MENTOR | Diehard ATHLETE