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Nose fillers, to enhance your nose bridge, tip and body. For the perkier, sharper you. Non surgically, with minimal pain, downtime and bruising. Results are instant. Nose fillers can be used to correct a flat nose bridge, a down pointing nose tip, and a dorsal hump, all common in Asians. It cannot be used to make a nose smaller. To do so visually, there are options. In the grand scheme of things, it is important for the nose to harmonise with the rest of your facial features. Keeping things natural, simple and beautiful.


( To learn more about the difference between surgical vs non surgical rhinoplasty, please click here) 

Who are Suitable patients?

 The procedure is suitable for anyone who has not had surgical rhinoplasty or permanent fillers. 

What are Possible Results To Expect?

  1. Smoothen the nose profile
  2. Raise the nose bridge
  3. Lift the nose tip

Results of the Nose Threadlift generally last 12 to 18 months.  Number of threads vary and depend on your nasal profile.

What is the benefit of nose threadlift over nose fillers?

  1. No risk of blindness and skin necrosis
  2. Lasts longer compared to fillers
  3. Give you a natural looking, sharp and straight nose profile without the risk of the nose bridge widening

So is it better to do a rhinoplasty, Nose Filler or Nose Threadlift?

  1. This depends very much on your aim and existing nose profile.
  2. For general nose contouring in a straight nose, threadlift is the choice.
  3. For noses with volume deficits for example a dorsal hump, fillers are required.
  4. For an obvious and 3D look, combination of threadlift and filler gives the best results.
  5. For a long term results, go for surgical rhinoplasty, though there is downtime.


Why do I have no or minimal results post nose threadlift?

  1. Nose Threads used were the incorrect quality, commonly too thin, lacking cogs, not firm enough etc, hence creating a firming but minimal lifting effect.
  2. Nose Threads quantity was not enough or technique of placement of Nose Threads was not optimum.
  3. Need for Nose fillers to augment certain areas on your nose.

Bottomline: Not all threads are equal. The quality of threads used is important.

Can men undergo Nose Threadlift?

Nose Threadlift is commonly used for nose augmentation in men these days. As males tend to have larger noses with dorsal humps, fillers may be required, and more threads too , compared to an average female.

How many sessions do most people need to achieve a good result?

For most patients, one session is required. For the minority who desire very obvious results, top ups may be needed. For optimum results, a repeat treatment at 6 to 12 months is highly recommended.

What are the side effects? 

  1. Injection marks which will heal with proper care.
  2. Risk of infection, hence it is important to do the procedure in a medical clinic under sterile technique.
  3. Soreness of the nose.

*Please note: As this is a medical procedure, results may vary from individual to individual. Hence it is best to seek a consultation with your physician to understand the treatment further.

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