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3D FACELIFT – ULTRA-V-LIFT (Dreamlift) 脸部提升/ 填充治疗/ V-型埋线 / 瓜子脸



3 Step formula to your lunchtime liquid facelift 

Part 1: Lift with Fillers + Threadlift + Dermalift

Part 2: Maintainence with Energy based devices + Skinboosters

Part 3: Lifestyle changes – Antiageing creams, sun protection and hydration




What is the key to looking youthful?

The key to youth is to reposition, re-volumise and restore lost tissue. 
By firming, lifting and tightening skin, by adding volume where it has been lost, and by holding tissue together, we can achieve a DREAMLIFT. It all starts from the top, so we fill from top down. When we were younger, we had an inverted triangle face shape. As we age, our midface sags the most, resulting in the formation of jowls, and changing our face shape into a square. So the key here is to lift, while maintaining a natural, youthful you.



Jaw reduction / Jaw slimming

How does jaw slimming/ reduction work?

Muscle relaxant is injected in tiny amounts to shrink your bulky chewing muscles. A squarish jaw line can be treated with DYSPORT, BOTOX® to shrink your chewing muscles  (masseters) and create a slimmer v- jawline.

Who is suitable for jaw slimming / reduction?

Anyone with bulky jaw muscles.

What are the benefits of treatment?

  1. Reduces night grinding / bruxism
  2. Slims your jawline
  3. A more contoured, scuplted look


jaw botox

jaw slimming

D.C -Dream-lift

What is the science behind it?

  1. Collagen contraction
  2. Collagen remodelling
  3. Collagen stimulation (new)

The DC-Dream-Lift is Dr Daniel Chang’s signature technique, combining  a  popular non surgical facelift treatment originating from Seoul, South Korea, termed the Dermalift, the 8 Point Lift from South America, PDO threads from Korea and Skinboosters from Taiwan.


Part 1: DC Dreamlift: V-lift with threadlift+ fillers and dermalift

This works on the 3 key layers of the skin.

  1. Dermalift – Dermis layer
  2. Threadlift – SMAS layer
  3. Fillers – Deep Soft tissue layer

I will explain the 3 treatments in detail below.

How do Threadlifts work?

Via an immediate lifting and progressive tightening.

  1. Support: An immediate lift through repositioning soft tissue
  2. Biostimulation: Regenerative action with collagen stimulation for progressive and natural results over 3 to 6 months.

What are threadlifts made of?

They are made of 100% absorbable and bio compatible material, similar to those used in general surgery. 2 common materials exist.

  1. PDO: Polydioxanone material is commonly used as a surgical suture, and tends to last on average 6 months. These are the bread and butter Korean threads, though differ brands differ in terms of design ( monos, barbs, cogs, multi etc).
  2. PLLA :Poly-L-Lactic Acid material are also used as surgical sutures, and have greater longevity than PDO, on average 18 months, hence they can potentially stimulate collagen for a longer duration. Once dissolved, the material breaks down into lactate, glucose, carbon dioxide and water.


Where can threadlifts be used to lift?

  1. Jawline area
  2. Midface, cheek, laugh lines
  3. Eyebrows
  4. Neck


How is it done?

  1. No surgery.
  2. No cutting.
  3. No stitching.

There is no cutting, stitching involved. Based on individualised facial vectoring, absorbable ultra-fine threads are placed under the skin with minimal downtime.

Who is suitable for threadlift?

Patients with mild to mild-moderate saggy skin with reasonable expectations.




how threads work



how threads work



What to expect with thread-lifts? 

Depending on your skin quality and thickness, there may be temporary swelling, bruise and skin changes (puckering, visibility, bump). All these resolve with time.



Case study from American Society of Plastic Surgery

3D Ultra V Lift

What is Botulinum toxin / botox/ dysport?  ( Feelfree to refer to my FAQ page for further information)

Botulinum solution is a clear fluid that relaxes the facial muscles that cause wrinkles. It is utilized to soften forehead and frown lines, even brow lines, lines on the nose, smile lines (crow’s feet) around the eye. It can likewise lift the eyebrows. It can be utilized as a part of the lower face by a specialist injector to lift the edges of the mouth, smooth chin dimpling, lessen lines around the mouth and as a dermalift procedure to tighten and lift saggy skin.

What is Dermalift? 

Dermalift involves injecting botulinum protein into the superficial layers of the skin, which utilises a refined, micro technique that demonstrates facial firming, slimming and lifting. Using careful vectoring, instead of relaxing the area, it achieves skin tightening and contraction.

1) Stimulates and re-orders the fibroblasts of your skin cells to bind more elastin and collagen, hence creating an instant firming, tightening and slimming effect

2) It also has a collagen stimulating effect, hence a sustained firming result over time.

What are the results of Dermalift?

  1. Slimming of your face
  2. Firming of your skin


How do Fillers help in lifting? 

 Fillers at key positions to lift, restore, anchor and support your saggy skin. This restores your original facial tissue position. Overall result is a lifted, tighter you.

Where can fillers restore volume in an ageing face?

  1. Temples
  2. Cheeks
  3. Laugh lines
  4. Pre-auricular groove
  5. Chin and marionette lines

Feelfree to refer to my Filler page for further information.

Soft tissue volume in face - Dermal Fillers


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